Social Impact Assessment & Due Diligence

Competent Engineering Solution has conducted Social Impact Assessment (SIA) studies for large infrastructure projects in diverse sectors viz., highways, expressways, Public Health Engineering, Water Supply & urban development, etc. for providing inputs at the feasibility and detailed design stages to minimize adverse social impacts on the people and communities. In addition, resettlement action plans have also been prepared for resettling and rehabilitating the adversely affected people, when a project involves land acquisition and involuntary resettlement.

Competent Engineering Solution has a dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals with extensive experience in the field of applied Social Work /Sociology, social development, Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) planning, socio-economic surveys, stakeholder consultations, institutional support for resettlement works, compensation for land acquisition, assessment of economic satisfaction of people being resettled, poverty assessment, gender studies and studies on land holding pattern, etc Services provided by Competent Engineering Solution include:

  • Social Impact Assessment Studies (as per international / regional / local guidelines)
  • Resettlement & Rehabilitation (R&R), R&R Cost Estimation
  • Community Consultation / Stakeholder Engagement / Focused Discussions / Public Hearing
  • Gram Sabha / Gram Panchayat Resolution
  • Policies and Regulations related to Land Acquisition & Involuntary Resettlement
  • Poverty, Gender and Child Labor Issues
  • Health and Hygiene Issues including HIV/AIDS & STDs
  • Mitigation and Enhancement Programs
  • Community Engagement and NGO Participation in Project Implementation
  • Institutional Arrangements
  • Monitoring and Evaluation