Land Acquisition

A major component of an Infrastructure project includes Land Acquisition, obtaining Clearances and Permitting. CES has undertaken assistance in Land Acquisition, Clearances and Permitting for Cross Country Highways and other Infrastructure projects for all across India and dealt with diverse social and environmental considerations.

Property Survey, Collection, Verification of Cadastral Documents and Preparation of Land Plan

  • 1. Collection of registered sale deeds from each individual Sub-registry office of all the districts for preparation of compensation package and deposition of necessary charges thereof to the Government authorities.
  • 2. Upon receipt of cadastral survey documents from the Client, verification of cadastral survey documents shall be carried out to finalize the notification
  • 3. Joint measurement in consultation with landowner and finalization LAQ plan, State & Area for notification

Acquisition of Land Acquisition as per Land Acquisition Acts

  • Assistant to Competent Authority for finalization of notification schedule in both English & vernacular language for publication of the notification
  • Obtaining necessary approval and signature of Competent Authority and submission of notification schedule with Central Government for Gazette Notification.
  • Follow-up and expediting publication in the Government of India Gazette notification.
  • Comparing the published notification with manuscript sent by Competent Authority and identifying mistakes, errors if any.
  • Preparation of Erratum and Corrigendum (in both English and Vernacular language) in respect of identified mistakes, errors if any, in the published notification and expediting publication of erratum and corrigendum in Gazette of India.
  • Preparation of schedule of objections (village wise) received from various landowners from the date of publication.
  • Facilitating disposal of above objections by Competent Authority
  • Preparation of schedule for publication of the notification in Gazette of India
  • Comparing the published notification with manuscript submitted by the Competent Authority and identifying mistakes, errors etc (if any).
  • Preparation of Final Land Acquisition Schedule as per final notification

Declaration of Award & Compensation disbursement

  • Declaration of public notice in two leading newspaper to invite claims from all concerned landowners
  • Ascertaining from revenue records and local Panchayat the details in respect of each plot as to whether the same is under cultivation or being used by the owner itself or somebody else.
  • Collection of rates of land in various categories from the concerned Collector/Sub Registrars.
  • Valuation and Calculation of land compensation payable and serving of compensation notices to the individual landowner and obtaining proper acknowledgement.
  • Preparation of award of compensation to be paid to landowner
  • Arrangements to Transfer Land Title To Authorities
  • Proposal Assistance for Transfer of Government Land